The first question that comes to your mind after passing your driving test and receiving your license is to find a best car. A car that would be suitable for the new drivers. A car for the new driver should be the easily handle able on the road, preventing the risk of crashes and ensuring yours and the safety of others, passing by.

The new drivers mostly prefers the good looks of the vehicle instead of the quality and performance. Whereas parents' concern is mainly the practical details, quality, performance, expenses, and how safe the vehicle is for the safety of their offspring.

To aid you people, we, here, present you a list of best and suitable cars for the young and new drivers. We have taken the expenses, quality, performance and looks, all in to the consideration, to provide you with best information. We try our best to help you out by giving you a number of choices, according to your likings as well as the concerns of your parents regarding your new vehicle.

Skoda Citigo hatchback

Though small in size, but Skoda Citigo assures you of as much safety as one would want. With affordable price, it is also good in looks with a very fine interior structure. There are different models available with wide scope of customization offering a number of reasonable options. Five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests were also given to it.

Hyundai i10

Another great little car for the new drivers, i10 was awarded with the Best City Car of 2014. It is a great and comfortable little car with a roomy interior and high in quality. It was proved as crash risk by Euro NCAP and got four stars.

Toyota Aygo city car

This new model is a fun to drive for the new drivers, with an automatic-manual gearbox. Higher in quality than the previous model, stylish in looks, it is the best one to handle the motorways and also blocks the external noise.

Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero, the best known as the cheapest car in Britain is among the top options for new drivers. With affordable annual fuel expenses, it also has got 3 year warranty. Car with wide space, provides vast room for luggage as well as for passengers.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is the best option for those first time drivers who prefers the quality and comfort zone in the vehicle. High in quality with fair fuel economy, it is best in interior structure, satisfactory for the drivers, demanding good looks.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given almost all of these cars the top safety designation. Free of crash risks, these are few of the best options for the first time drivers also good in looks and quality, gives both parents and their children satisfaction regarding their concerns about the choice of new vehicle. Almost all of these have affordable options for customization, with fine fuel economy, are handle able on motorways with wide space for the passengers. Nearly all of them are four or five stars holders in Euro NCAP crash tests, ensuring the safety of passengers and the others on the road.

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